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Judith Land | Adoption Detective

A Course in Miracles aims to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your inheritance. It focuses on the healing of relationships and teaches the important lesson that love is its own reward. The lessons increase hope for a brighter future. The miracle occurs when we experience a shift in perception from fear to love.

A Course in Miracles is a great classic work that offers clarity and a deeper understanding of life that is truly a course in miracles. 2.5 million copies have been sold worldwide and the text has been translated into twenty four languages. It is a foundation for inner peace and a unique self-study spiritual thought system that can teach adoptees the way to inner love and peace through forgiveness. Expect to feel improvements in your life as you apply the knowledge, suggestions and lessons from the book on how to live a good and successful life. A course in miracles offers lessons in forgiveness and aids people’s lives by making their dreams become more pleasant and satisfying and by increasing hope for a brighter future.

Time does not heal the wounds of the downhearted child disoriented and mysteriously separated from their true heritage; nor does it heal the distressing sense of loss suffered by the crestfallen mother and father estranged and separated in this earthly life from their son or daughter. Forgiveness heals wounds. Forgiveness is the greatest of all the choices we make. The solutions to our problems are not in economic, social, political or religious thought systems—they are in our mind. Children are not fearful in the light and we should avoid allowing ourselves to go astray and travel down darkened corridors. We should strive to identify with stillness and the peace that reigns forever in our hearts. We need to remove the veils of secrecy and move toward the spiritual inner light because healing is only accomplished when the sufferer no longer sees any value in pain. Our thinking will always be erratic until a commitment is made. Forgiveness is a call to sanity. The moment of surrender is not when life is over, it’s when it begins. What we focus on in life expands, negative to negative, positive to positive. The hate, fear, doubt, guilt, revenge, and anger many adoptees feel perpetuates more of the same. Just as virtue, love, peace and happiness become their own reward.

A Course in Miracles teaches us to escape from our perceived difficulties—the grieving parent quietly suffering in silence the loss of an orphaned child; the primal wound in the mind of the sullen child brooding beneath a sunless sky. For those who have tasted the sour sense of loss, deprivation, separation, post traumatic stress, and isolation triggered by the heartache of adoption the course teaches the reader how to savor the sweet and joyful ecstasy of life through spiritual forgiveness. When you quit smoking you can smell the fresh air and savor the flavor of your favorite foods. The choice is up to us. If guilt is hell, then what is the opposite? The ego says: Once everything falls into place, I’ll find peace. The spirit says: Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place. We must dissolve our thoughts of stress and fear by going to the inner place where all is peace and love. Coming out of the shadows to face the truth and blessing another person makes us feel more blessed. Forgiveness is the most important contribution to healing and the key to happiness.

If you are tired of the intensely competitive and negative climate of the secular world and separation anxiety caused by adoption, dispel the fears and disillusionments that separate us from our true self-identity and make us forget who we truly are. Realize that it is up to you to find the barriers within yourself that built up against love. Love holds no grievances. Learn to grow through time in your lifelong search for truth. Know that in every relationship and situation our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but knowing that we are brilliant, talented and powerful beyond measure. The course teaches that the way to universal love and peace is by undoing guilt through forgiving others. We must focus on the healing of relationships and learn the important lesson that “love is its own reward”. The miracle is defined as the paradigm shift in perception from fear to love.

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Un corso in miracoli | 기적의 채용-A 코스 | Adopción por Un Curso de Milagros

About Judith Land

Judith Land lives in Colorado and Arizona with husband and coauthor Martin Land. Judith is a former nurse, retail shop owner, college instructor and avid outdoor person. Her book "Adoption Detective: Memoir of an Adopted Child" is a true story detailing the journey of Judith Romano, foster child and adoptee, as she discovers fragments of her background, and then sets out to solve the mystery as an adult. She has reached readers in 192 countries. "Mothers and fathers everywhere in the world need to understand that children are forever and always." --Judith Land
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4 Responses to Adoption—a course in miracles! —Judith Land

  1. Judith,

    Thank you for this powerful post. It is connecting with my recent explorations into a different way of perceiving the experience of adoption, for each of the triad. I have the point of view that the more we can heal the wounds with love and allowance the greater choices we can be aware of and make with consciousness.

    Like you mention, I feel that the current paradigm focuses on the fear and pain without then creating a way to move through it with creativity and compassion and I and my two mothers, father and brothers were certainly stuck in pain for many years. Now that I am free from that, I am ready, willing and open to creating new and different ways to traverse these lands and sharing them with everyone involved and affected by adoption and then throughout the world. It is my intention for my life to be a contribution to changing this paradigm through love and non-violent means, so the more of us there are sharing the alternatives the more joyful and grateful I feel.

    I love and appreciate this post for its gentle and powerful call to all of us to make the choice to change from living in fear to love.

    Thank you again and I look forward to connecting with you.

    Love, Marina

    • Judith Land says:

      Thanks Marina, I am happy for you. Your ability to consciously see the difference between fear and love and the choices we are offered in life will carry you far and create more opportunities for success. My copy of “A Course in Miracles” a foundation for inner peace has become quite tattered and torn. I have perused it many times over the years since I took the course. It is one of the most used books in my library. It is filled with scribbled notes in the margins, text highlighted in yellow, page markers, and inserted note cards. Adoptees have to deal with many emotional, personal and psychological issues that others don’t and it is comforting to know that through self-study, working at our own pace, we can all survive to live a good and successful life. The path to inner peace leads to a brighter future and happiness. Virtue, love, peace and happiness are their own reward and generate more of the same in others. I wish you all the best. Judith

  2. Roger Antes says:

    i would assume that if you are a father it is just as equal as a mothers issues and or grief?

    “or the emotional sense of loss suffered by the birth mother disconnected from her newborn child.”

    • Judith Land says:

      Good comment. This is absolutely true. Fewer men tend to openly express their emotions on this issue but their feelings are real and their opinions are equal to those of the mothers.
      I dedicate this poem you…
      Somebody’s Father

      Somebody’s father today
Will quietly linger all alone,
Hoping one child will write or call
Before the day has flown.

      Somebody’s father will sleep,
Heartbroken and stunned tonight,

      Because his missing child was
      Unable to call or write.
Somebody’s father somewhere

      Will dream of past events with grief,
      And see an image of his child unknown
      Hugging his pillow and trying not to weep.

      My father’s initial reaction to my request to meet in person was positive but the stress I gave him caused him to suffer a major heart attack and left me in emotional turmoil alternating between euphorically emotional highs and depressingly melancholy lows. Reference:

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