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“Little Orphan Annie—Gee Whiskers!”

“Leapin’ lizards—Gee whiskers!” I loved the fact that Annie was inspired by a real person. Author Harold Gray reported that Annie’s origin lay in a chance meeting he had with a ragamuffin while wandering the streets of Chicago looking for … Continue reading

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“Adoption—genealogical bewilderment”

“Genealogical bewilderment evokes a nefarious air of uncertainty and befuddles a child’s ability to establish their true self-identity.” —Judith Land Genealogical bewilderment refers to potential identity problems that could be experienced by a child who was either fostered or adopted. Psychologist H. … Continue reading

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“Adoption—destiny and ancestral recovery”

“Destiny is not always preordained. Life is about making choices. Our lives are the sum of all the choices we make, the bridges we cross, and the ones we burn. Our souls cast long shadows over many people, even after … Continue reading

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“Which personal attributes enhance an adoption search?”

“The process of conducting an adoption search requires resilience to conquer adversity, perseverance to overcome injustice, and persistence to achieve your goal.” –Judith Land People of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them. Highly successful individuals worldwide … Continue reading

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“Adoption—a correlation between adoption and wilderness survival”

I was adopted. My true self-identity was an unsolvable mystery—a puzzle and a conundrum. Knowing my birth parents had abandoned me, without a roadmap or an astrolabe to guide me, stimulated a gloomy sense of deprivation based on hurtful feelings of … Continue reading

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“Adoption story—cozy mystery, suspense thriller or unsolved secret?”

“Behind every adoption story there is a memoir or mystery novel waiting to be written.” —Judith Land When an adoption quest to meet biological relatives is invoked the researcher must keep all senses alert, maintain a perspicacious mind open to all possibilities, and … Continue reading

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Adoption Registries | Judith Land | Adoption Detective

When information about biological antecedents, family medical history, or a desire to meet biological family members is invoked adoption registries are a good place to start. Attached is a list of adoption registries published by Susan Beckman. TxCare Adoption Registry Adoption … Continue reading

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