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Adoption detectives help adoptees find their way home

“An adoption detective is an individual who researches biological and genetic connections between individuals. They conduct searches of public and private records, research historical documents, and interview persons of interest for the purpose of uncovering genealogical information linking biologically related … Continue reading

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Adoption—“The Point of No Return”

“In every life event, including adoption, adoption searches and reunions, there are pivotal events beyond which one’s current course of action is set and beyond which there is no return. Nobody understands this metaphor better than the airplane pilot who … Continue reading

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A radio Interview with Judith Land

Why did you write a book about adoption?  Media, social workers, parents and adoptees encouraged me to write a book. Audiences showed high enthusiasm for my story around campfires and dinner tables. The topic of adoption has universal appeal for … Continue reading

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Adoption—Are you an egghead or a potato head?

“When a true self-identity is lacking many wanders and seekers become prone to falling through the trapdoor of despondency.” Judith Land Why do some adoptees think it is their inalienable human right to know their true identity while others seemingly don’t care? … Continue reading

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“Adoption searches—make no small plans, they have no magic to stir your blood”

I happily pursued the identity of my biological mother because I had naïvely expected her to be gracious and forgiving and spontaneously welcome me to her bosom unconditionally, but my vision of a happy serendipitous reunion collapsed in a veil-of-tears. … Continue reading

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“Adoption search—a sense of urgency!”

Nobody lives forever. Time was my enemy. Deep thoughts about my adoption that had plagued my psyche forever were stimulating a sense of urgency. My life was passing quickly and I couldn’t do anything to slow it down. The desire … Continue reading

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“Adoption searches—euphoric highs and melancholic lows!”

Dear Mom, Staying focused on my goal of finding you has forced me to deal with emotional setbacks, recognize false leads, and overcome stubborn bureaucracies. My quest to find you has required tremendous courage and tenacity. My journey has been … Continue reading

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