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“Adoption and self-identity—trying to make sense of one’s life”

“I was surprised to learn that I had been nefariously issued false birth and baptismal certificates when I was adopted to conceal my true identity and prevent me from ever reuniting with my birth parents.” —Judith Land Striving for well being and … Continue reading

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“Self-esteem and social competence of the adopted child”

“Child development is greatly influenced by the way parents interact with their children. Early intervention techniques are especially important for children who are orphaned, fostered and adopted.” —Judith Land Verbal skills and other learned behaviors measured by appropriate standardized tests are … Continue reading

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“Adoption—safe havens for newborn infants”

“Newborn Infant” means an infant who is seventy-two hours old or younger. A parent or agent of a parent who leaves a newborn infant with a safe haven provider may remain anonymous, and the safe haven provider shall not require … Continue reading

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