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“Adoption—do we inherit our ancestors’ memories?” Judith Land | Adoption Detective

“Listen to the voices, feelings, sights and experiences of our ancestors. Their lives, joys and fears are within us.” —Judith Land, author & adoptee Theories that suggest that we can tap into the deep nature of DNA to uncover ancient memories … Continue reading

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Adoption reunion—knowing your family medical history could save your life!

“What you learn about your family medical heritage could save your life—but if you are orphaned, fostered and adopted, it may require a comprehensive investigation by an adoption detective to uncover your medical past.” —Judith Land, Author and Adoptee Our … Continue reading

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“Are adoptees victims of circumstance?”

“Happiness is affected by life circumstances and situations, but the majority of happiness is subject to self-control—the product of character, temperament, personality and disposition.”  ―Judith Land The greatest lesson for adoptees to learn is that happiness depends on attitudes, outlook and human … Continue reading

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