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“Adoption—the exhilaration of accomplishing something extraordinary”

“To live a purpose driven life you must learn that the only way to beat the fear of the unknown is to take the first step. If you listen to the voice of your fears, you’ll live an empty life. … Continue reading

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“Adoption—ancient yearnings for a true sense of belonging”

Adoptees are motivated by curiosity, much like others when they engage in ancestral searches, but their motives eventually evolve into something more primal and powerful. An evolution in thinking takes place in their minds as they mature. With age and … Continue reading

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“Adopted? Metamorphose yourself into a butterfly.”

Butterflies serve to remind us that adoption is just the beginning of life’s big adventure, not an ending. Remarkably, there is nothing in the early life of a child or a little green caterpillar that gives a hint of the … Continue reading

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“Adoption Discovery—I have a brother and two sisters?”

When I discovered the identity of my biological parents I was elated to learn that they were married to each other. I was even more wide-eyed and over-joyed with the discovery of a brother and two sisters; a serendipitous outcome … Continue reading

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Adoption—a clash between conscience and passion!

Adoption sparks our private passions and raises our consciousness at every stage of our lives. Attempts to rationalize our thoughts are characterized as a continuous struggle between conscience, logic and reason in favor of the passions of temptations. Adoption galvanizes … Continue reading

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder versus Adopted Child Syndrome

Post traumatic stress disorder and adopted child syndrome similarly explain the psychological trauma that may result from exposure to a severely distressing event. Post traumatic stress disorder is an intense psychological condition that develops after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, … Continue reading

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“Adoption—prayers really do come true”

Spending our wedding anniversary in Vail, Colorado, was stupendous. Following an exciting round of golf at Vail Country Club, surrounded by gorgeous views of the snowcapped Gore Mountain Range as the scenic backdrop, I relaxed with a double martini at … Continue reading

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