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Adoption—what’s in it for the social worker?

True story…when I was thirty years old I discovered the name of the social worker who handled my adoption. I telephoned her office and requested a meeting. The building was drab without windows, photographs, flowers or ornamentation of any kind. … Continue reading

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Adoption—Surgeon General launches “Family Medical History Initiative”

“Adoptees with a comprehensive family medical history have a lower health risk and better chance for a longer healthier life. Early diagnosis is a critical factor in health care and especially important for adoptees.” —Judith Land To help focus attention on the importance of … Continue reading

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“Adoption—the end of Ozzie and Harriet families” Judith Land

American culture has changed drastically since the 1952-1966 airing of the television sitcom “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” starring the real life Nelson family. The Nelsons were depicted as an ideal all American nuclear family that epitomized American values … Continue reading

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Adoption—a vision from God—a turning point in life!

Three months had passed since I had first contacted my birth parents. Foolishly expecting to be welcomed back into their lives with open arms, the opposite had happened. My birth mother’s lack of warmth and cold-hearted rejection of me as … Continue reading

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“Adoption Reunion—with cousin Johnny!”

I was at a crossroads—fight or flight? I had discovered my roots and true self-identity, but the consequences had been catastrophic. My birth mother had confessed her identity to me privately, but only after she coldly rebuked me for my transgressions. … Continue reading

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“Adoption searches—euphoric highs and melancholic lows!”

Dear Mom, Staying focused on my goal of finding you has forced me to deal with emotional setbacks, recognize false leads, and overcome stubborn bureaucracies. My quest to find you has required tremendous courage and tenacity. My journey has been … Continue reading

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Adoption reunion—”I gave my birth father a massive heart attack!”

“Heartbreaking sobs made my chest pound. Tears of lonesomeness and isolation streamed down my cheeks. I was miserable. My mind was numb knowing that I was the cause of my birth father’s heart attack. If he died, or ended up with … Continue reading

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