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Why is the IRS targeting adoptive families?

One percent of all returns are audited by the IRS. Whereas, a whopping 70 percent of adoptive families have their tax return audited. IRS procedures have caused significant economic harm to thousands of families who are selflessly trying to improve … Continue reading

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“My birth parents 50th wedding anniversary” Judith Land

My birth parents 50th wedding anniversary was a coming-out party and the culmination of a life-long dream come true. I was honored to receive an invitation but nervously wondered if I would be asked to sit at the head table … Continue reading

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“Five Mothers” Judith Land

“The most important thing I learned from my adoption search is, if a parent can love more than one child, then a child can love more than one parent.” —Judith Land This simple parable is the most endearing way of … Continue reading

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Adoption poem “Somebody’s Mother”

Somebody’s Mother Somebody’s mother today Will linger by her phone Hoping one child will call Before the day has flown. Somebody’s mother will weep, Heartbroken and stunned tonight, Because her children gone Forgot to call or write. Somebody’s mother somewhere … Continue reading

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“Adoption writer emphasizes smiles, frowns and furrowed brows”

When a writer wants a character to show emotion, they will use smiles, frowns, sighs, shrugs, blushes, glares, or a furrowed brow to outwardly convey reactions to internal responses. Actors use masks to outwardly project comedy, tragedy, delight, happiness, sadness … Continue reading

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“Adoption Celebrations!” Judith Land | Adoption Detective

Life’s special events should be remembered, celebrated and memorialized—but what about adoption? How should adoptions be celebrated? Social gatherings serve an important function for families and children by keeping us connected and reminding us of our special family bonds. Weddings, … Continue reading

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