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“The Mentalist— the perfect adoption detective?” Judith Land | Adoption Detective

The Mentalist Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) television actor and star of the weekly CBS television program is a consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation. He locates persons of interest and solves crimes and would make an ideal adoption detective. Acting as a … Continue reading

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“Names provide a ‘treasure shoppe’ of meaningful clues to the past for adoptees”

“Preparing a family tree is a stressful daunting task for many adoptees. If given the opportunity, the inquisitive adoptee looking to build a more comprehensive and realistic self-identity will be encouraged to learn that selected names provide a treasure shoppe … Continue reading

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“For adoptees life is best when shared!” Judith Land

“It would be difficult or even impossible for many adoptees to launch and complete a successful adoption search and reunion without the unwavering support and assistance of a loving spouse, friend, mentor, counselor, mediator or spiritual guide.” —Judith Land Almost everything … Continue reading

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“Adoption search and reunion—the exhilaration of accomplishing something out of the ordinary”

“To live a purpose driven life you must learn that the only way to beat the fear of the unknown is to take the first step. If you listen to the voice of your fears, you’ll live an empty life. … Continue reading

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