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“Adoption—I pity the babies in the back row”

I pity the infants in group homes, hospitals, orphanages and wards haplessly placed in the back row who have a distinct disadvantage over the babies in the front row who naturally receive more attention. The separation of a defenseless baby … Continue reading

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Scared speechless—adopted children with selective mutism

Selective mutism is a complex psychiatric disorder associated with separation anxieties that is most often identified when children enter school and there is an expectation to perform, interact with others, and speak in public. Adoptees with selective mutism have difficulty verbalizing personal … Continue reading

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“Adoption—making contact with the birth mother by telephone” —Judith Land, author & adoptee

My first contact with a biological relative was a telephone conversation with a maternal aunt. I found her name in a telephone book. She had the same last name as my birth mother. Pleading with strangers for assistance dredged up … Continue reading

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“Are adoptees victims of circumstance?”

“Happiness is affected by life circumstances and situations, but the majority of happiness is subject to self-control—the product of character, temperament, personality and disposition.”  ―Judith Land The greatest lesson for adoptees to learn is that happiness depends on attitudes, outlook and human … Continue reading

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