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Is adoption the psychological equivalent of a kidnapping?

“Anaclitic depression is a syndrome occurring in infants, usually after sudden separation from the mothering person. It is a predictable response seen in infants who have been separated from their mothers for prolonged periods of time, resulting in a disruption … Continue reading

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“Adoption is a Virtuous Act”

Adopted parents are virtuous by nature. They exhibit a genuine sense of compassion and a natural love of others. The adopted parent understands and validates the profound, and has the skill to encourage love to grow. They love someone else’s … Continue reading

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“Adoption—troubled by circumstances or the behavior of others?”

Adoptees face a unique set of psychological and emotional issues. Suffering in silence the tragic effects of the primal wound, genealogical bewilderment, a lack of a comprehensive self-identity leading to low self-esteem, and other afflictions unique to adoption are what many adoptees habitually … Continue reading

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“Adoption—safe havens for newborn infants”

“Newborn Infant” means an infant who is seventy-two hours old or younger. A parent or agent of a parent who leaves a newborn infant with a safe haven provider may remain anonymous, and the safe haven provider shall not require … Continue reading

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“What makes the book Adoption Detective unique?”

The book Adoption Detective: Memoir of an Adopted Child is uniquely written from the perspective of an adoptee, from childhood bewilderment through to adulthood, who experiences an isolated feeling of separation syndrome from her biological family resulting from a nefarious sense of genealogical … Continue reading

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