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Unwed mothers asylums—horrifying tales of the Magdalene laundries

To the women who worked in the Magdalene laundries and the thousands of children taken from them against their will—this is the time to reflect on their lives. Between 1758 and 1996 at least 30,000 innocent girls were enslaved in … Continue reading

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“Dear Mom—I miss you!”

Thoughts of my birth mother were sublime. I never doubted that she existed—even though I had never met her or knew her name. I recorded each pivotal event and critical stage in my life and described how I felt in a … Continue reading

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“I am not your real mother—you were adopted?” Judith Land

“Come sit beside me on the couch. I have something important to tell you,” Rosella unexpectedly blurted while nervously extending her hand. It was her eighth birthday. Judy hesitatingly complied. Her senses were heightened in response to Rosella’s uncharacteristic manner of … Continue reading

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“Adoption—remembering the Orphan Trains”

Conscripting or enslaving children into armies and labor pools often occurred over the centuries as the consequence of war, pestilence and natural disasters when many children were left parentless. Abandoned children then became the ward of the state, military organization, or religious … Continue reading

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