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“Adoption—making contact with the birth mother by telephone” —Judith Land, author & adoptee

My first contact with a biological relative was a telephone conversation with a maternal aunt. I found her name in a telephone book. She had the same last name as my birth mother. Pleading with strangers for assistance dredged up … Continue reading

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“Mother Seeks Home for her Babies”

Mrs. Cecile Marsh is looking for a home for her two children, a girl 5 and a boy 3 years old. According to their mother, they are healthy and of happy disposition. “Somewhere in Colorado there is a home waiting … Continue reading

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“I am not your real mother—you were adopted?” Judith Land

“Come sit beside me on the couch. I have something important to tell you,” Rosella unexpectedly blurted while nervously extending her hand. It was her eighth birthday. Judy hesitatingly complied. Her senses were heightened in response to Rosella’s uncharacteristic manner of … Continue reading

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“The Adopted Child” by Judith Land

The Adopted Child Somebody’s adopted child today Will linger all alone Hoping her birth mother will call Before the day has flown. Somebody’s adopted child will weep, Heartbroken and stunned tonight, Because her first mother gone Forgot to call or … Continue reading

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Adoption: 5-Steps for writing your own adoption story

Life’s journey for individuals who are orphaned, fostered, and adopted appeal to others because their lives are interesting, unpredictable and unique. That is why every adoptee should be encouraged to share their story with others. “There are four kinds of … Continue reading

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“Adoption writer emphasizes smiles, frowns and furrowed brows”

When a writer wants a character to show emotion, they will use smiles, frowns, sighs, shrugs, blushes, glares, or a furrowed brow to outwardly convey reactions to internal responses. Actors use masks to outwardly project comedy, tragedy, delight, happiness, sadness … Continue reading

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Adoption story—”First Lilac Club” was an instant success! Judith Land | Adoption Detective

“The compact space under the lilac bushes provided a secure environment where the girls felt relaxed and comfortable. The close proximity of the seating arrangement facilitated intimacy, whispering, and the sharing of secrets—only then did Judith Romano decide to tell … Continue reading

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