“The fair distribution and ethical procurement of adopted children” Judith Land | Adoption Detective

“There are four kinds of adoptionnefarious, forgivable, warranted, and praiseworthy.” —Judith Land, author & adoptee

adoption detective | judith land

Prospective parents hoping to adopt are subject to the evaluation criteria and scrutiny of the public or private agencies involved, and may be investigated and evaluated based on multiple criteria including life-styles, quality of the home environment, and ability to pay for the cost of raising an adopted child.

There are many ways to adopt domestically or internationally either privately through a public agency or an intermediary such as a doctor or lawyer. Variations include closed adoption when records are sealed and no information about the birth family is shared with the adopted family. In an open adoption pictures, records, telephone calls and visits may all be allowed. Fostered children may later be adopted.

“Ethical issues arise in connection with the procurement of adoptable children, as well as their fair distribution. Should orphans be treated like scarce commodities or luxuries and distributed based on the adopted parents ability to pay? Should destructive behavior such as alcoholism and poor health be penalized? Should married couples and the corporate leader receive priority over the recluse or alternative life-styles? What are the consequences of giving one race, religion, region, or nation favored status and preferential treatment?”Martin Land

Judith Land | Adoption FAQ’s | Adoption Detective Book


About Judith Land

Judith Land lives in Colorado and Arizona with husband and coauthor Martin Land. Judith is a former nurse, retail shop owner, college instructor and avid outdoor person. Her book "Adoption Detective: Memoir of an Adopted Child" is a true story detailing the journey of Judith Romano, foster child and adoptee, as she discovers fragments of her background, and then sets out to solve the mystery as an adult. She has reached readers in 192 countries. "Mothers and fathers everywhere in the world need to understand that children are forever and always." --Judith Land
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