“What makes the book Adoption Detective unique?”

The book Adoption Detective: Memoir of an Adopted Child is uniquely written from the perspective of an adoptee, from childhood bewilderment through to adulthood, who experiences an isolated feeling of separation syndrome from her biological family resulting from a nefarious sense of genealogical bewilderment.

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Adoption Detective is popular worldwide in hardcover, softcover, and ebook editions.

The book Adoption Detective is unique because it provides excellent insight into how the world is viewed from an adoptee’s point of view by providing the reader with a long-term perspective that spans the entire lifetime of a child with her foster family, adopted parents, and her search to reunite with her biological family. Each chapter starts with a letter written to the birth mother from the perspective of her abandoned child in response to the critical events in her life and how she feels about them.

Children who are orphaned, fostered, and adopted have no voice in the life-altering events that drastically change their lives. If they could make their own decisions, would they allow themselves to be separated from their biological parents, become disconnected from their genetic, linguistic, social and cultural heritage, and loose their true identity? How will they feel in hindsight as adults about the pivotal events in their lives and decisions that were made for them? Without any proof of identity to ground themselves, will they grow up feeling anonymous and unheralded? Much of the public and political discourse on this issue is intended to absolve the birth parents of all moral, ethical, and legal responsibilities for their child, but what is most often lacking is an awareness of the potential long-term psychological trauma separation causes to the child. More dialogue on this topic is encouraged because a considerable amount of information on mother and child separation is readily available. Readers worldwide will be challenged to learn about the psychological trauma of adoption, the primal woundgenealogical bewildermentoppositional defiant disorderadopted child syndrome, selective mutism, antisocial behavior, post traumatic stress, and classic research on the effects of mother child separation by American psychologist Harry Harlow and other topics.

The story ends on a positive note stressing the need for balance and understanding during adoption searches. Adoptees are not permanent children in need of life-long supervision. When fully grown, they tend to think of their biological parents with growing wisdom and in the spirit of forgiveness. Other adoptees will be encouraged to launch their own adoption searches and reunions after reading this book. Adoptive parents will gain insight into the minds of their adopted children. Readers worldwide of all ages will be universally entertained by the mystery of the adventure, the emotional intensity of the journey, and the wounds to the heart and soul a young girl must overcome. She refuses to abandon hope until she eventually succeeds and reunites with her natural family.

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About Judith Land

Judith Land lives in Colorado and Arizona with husband and coauthor Martin Land. Judith is a former nurse, retail shop owner, college instructor and avid outdoor person. Her book "Adoption Detective: Memoir of an Adopted Child" is a true story detailing the journey of Judith Romano, foster child and adoptee, as she discovers fragments of her background, and then sets out to solve the mystery as an adult. She has reached readers in 192 countries. "Mothers and fathers everywhere in the world need to understand that children are forever and always." --Judith Land
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